Sage 50 Accounting 2016 Business Care Plan


Software updates automatically delivered throughout the year

No more annual upgrades! Automatically receive new features and enhancements, regulatory updates, and fixes for your product as they become available.


North America-based support, online fundamentals training, and HR resources

Get unlimited access to support—by phone, in-product chat and online chat—as well as web-based training videos and valuable HR resources for employers. Please remember here at Global Accounting we offer 24/7 support so even when Sage is closed you can call us. By the way, we are here in Atlanta, GA.

Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting

Create comprehensive customized Microsoft® Excel® reports that are updated automatically with real-time data to help you make more informed business decisions.

Access to payments right in Sage 50

Payments processing capabilities are built right into Sage 50.2 Accept and record credit card and electronic check payments directly into your software, saving you time and eliminating manual data entry.


Access to cloud apps like
Sage Mobile Sales

The Sage Mobile Sales app gives you the ability to show your catalog, view inventory, and even accept payments outside your office and connects directly to Sage 50.


Access to Sage Payroll Services

Easy-to-use payroll solutions directly connect to Sage 50, along with a no-tax-penalty promise,3 customer-acclaimed support, and HR compliance tools, all backed by a six-month money-back guarantee.


Which plan is right for you?

You decide the Sage Business Care plan that’s best for you and your company. You can save money by choosing an autorenewing annual subscription, which allows you to use your software much like you use your cable or Internet service—you have full access, but you don’t have the cost associated with owning it.

You can choose to pay annually or with the budget-friendly monthly payment plan available with a one-year commitment. Of course, you can still select the traditional plan and own your product license as you always have.

Call us today to get started with the Sage Business Care plan that’s right for you and your business.

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What’s New in Sage 50 2016

What’s New in Sage 50 2016

Version 2016 of Sage 50 has been released. This will be the first version to automatically download in the same manner as a payroll tax update or interim releases (such as 2015.3). It will need to be installed on the server first, and it will require a data conversion process the first time you open your company. So even though you’ll be prompted to install it as if it were a small update, consider carefully when you actually want to upgrade. In addition to being the first version to download automatically, it is also the first version that will be able to determine your serial number automatically during installation so you won’t have to hunt down that email notice that you may or may not have received.

Aside from the installation changes, new features and changes for version 2016 are as follows:

Process Credit Card Refunds from inside Sage 50 – If you use Sage Payment Solutions to process credit cards right in the Receive Money window of Sage 50, you’ll be happy to know that you can finally process a refund the same way. Just bring up the receipt that originally paid the invoice and click the “Issue Refund” link. A new receipt will be created and its status will show “Approved – Refund Receipt.” The original receipt’s status will then show “Approved – Refund Issued.”

Sage iPhone App – lets you see customer information, item purchase history, and quantity available for items on an iPhone. You must have a current Business Care plan but, other than that, there’s no charge to use the app. Of course you can choose to upgrade to Sage Mobile Sales (subscription required) if you want to be able to enter quotes and orders from an iPad. You can find more details and download the no-charge version at

Convenient Signup for Payroll and Credit Card Processing – In-program signups have been added to make it easier to sign up for Credit Card Processing (Sage Payment Solutions) and payroll, including Sage Full Service Payroll.

Microsoft Outlook Integration Removed – Previous versions could sync customers, vendors, and employees with separate Outlook contact lists. This feature has been removed due to the small number of people who used it.

Windows XP and Server 2003 No Longer Supported – This corresponds with Microsoft ending support for both of these products. If you are still using Windows XP or Server 2003, you will need to upgrade your operating system before you can upgrade to Sage 50 2016. Keep this in mind if you do payroll in Sage 50 2015 as it will become obsolete later this year. Actually, support for Windows XP and Server 2003 was dropped with Sage 50 v2015 but it still ran fine, at just wasn’t officially supported. But in version 2016 Sage has switched their .Net version to 4.5.2, which won’t install on XP and Server 2003.

Easy Conversion of Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to Invoice has been fixed. – Version 2015.3 added a button to the sales order window to convert an order to a sales invoice and an equivalent button in the purchase order window to convert a PO to an accounts payable invoice. A bug that was in this feature has been fixed so that changes made to the order’s header information, such as such as the ship-to address, will now be copied correctly to the invoice.

New Changes with the new Sage 50 2015 small Business Software


1. Sage 50 Complete (Peachtree Complete) along with Sage 50 Premium verticals (Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, Non-Profits) have all been discontinued. If you are using Complete you are going to have to move up to Premium. If you are currently using Premium or any of the prior verticals you can either stay on Premium or move up to Quantum. If you are currently on business care Sage will send you out the right version.

2. Sage is going to stop supporting software after only 1 year instead of 3 years like in the past. If you are using 2012 or 2014, your product will be discontinued this year, the 2013 product will be discontinued May 2015. If you are using payroll you are going to have to be on the current version in order for your payroll to work. Peachtree 2012 was the last version that will allow you to control your own tax tables!

3. Sage 2015 does not have many new features but the one that you want to know about is paying for your software via monthly billing! If you purchase your software for the year you don’t have anything to worry about but if you go to the new MONTHLY billing which will allow you to pay for your software every month, just note that if you do not pay your bill your program will go into read only mode which will stop you from using it. For companies going through financial hardship or for new customers that want to test Sage 50 out, the monthly payment plan might be a great idea, but if you are a customer that has been using Sage 50 (Peachtree Software) for years, stick to the yearly option.

4. Sage 50 Premium now has 1,2,3,4 or 5 user versions while Sage 50 Quantum now has 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,15,20,30, and 40 user versions. All prices including with payroll have been updated on

All product options have been updated on our website so please email us if you have any questions and please make sure to like our page on Facebook.